Why and how to set up a Facebook Business Page

It's now essential to your inbound marketing strategy!

Social media DOES matter for your company!

The time has passed when Facebook and other social media was a "good idea" for businesses to try.

  • 80% of 15-34 years old people owns a smart phone and use social media apps on daily basis (statistivs from Sweden 2012)


In this article we will explain:

  1. Why you comapny should have a Facebook page ?
  2. How to set it up step-by-step.
  3. How to use it effectively.
  4. How to reach wider audience.



1. Why your company should have a Facebook page ?

We assume that your comapny want to grow, get good reputation, be easy to find, get more customers and make more money ?
If  that's the case, please keep on reading!


Having a company Facebook page should be as natural as having an email, phone number and a company website. Not being represented on Facebook is big mistake, just like it was not having a company web site 10 years ago.

Facebook is NOT a playground only for teenagers anymore. Just like entire web, thare is a lot of rubbish even on Facebook, but so what ? Does all the rubbish stops people from searching the web for what they're looking for ? No, they use searchengines and are able to find what they need anyway.

It's same case with Facebook, a lot of people use it as a searchengine. And a lot of poeple are logged in all the time on FB. While teenagers are finding new cool social media to play with Facebook is becoming more mature and getting more and more adult users.

Most poeple, as their first choice, use internet to find information, services, products, compnies and contakt information. Using searchnines and facebook is the most naturaöl way to fidn what they are looking for. Not phone books, telephone, newpappers etc. as it was in the 90's and before ..

Make sure to everybody can easy find your company, your products and services. Use all the modern media channels avalible, especially Facebook.

Another benefit of having company Facebook page i is the serach engine ranking will be better, your company will be even more easy to find in search engines.


2. How to set it up step-by-step.

2.1.Choose a Classification

Navigate to the following URL in a new tab to create your business page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php

Once there, choose from one of the following six classifications: Local business or place Artist, band, or public figure Company, organization, or institution Entertainment Brand or product Cause of community This classification will help you rank for more relevant searches and provide relevant information fields on your page.

Difference between choosing local and brand/org:  

Brand or Product - The main difference lies in the kinds of info you can display. If you want to emphasize the kinds of services you provide and your mission instead of open hours or location, then brand seems to fit better.

Also if your products are sold through more than one website or stocked by more than one reseller / retailer (or will be in the future), select the ‘Brand or Product’ page type. This is the right page type for products with brand names and is where the likes of Apple, Coca Cola, Maybelline and Adidas hang out.

Company Organization or Institution - If your business isn’t the type that needs to attract foot traffic to your physical premises, or you have more than one location which may have a variety of addresses and open hours (such as a franchise); then Company Organization or Institution is usually the better page type to choose compared to Local Business or Place. Also if you have an online business or store then ‘Company Organization or Institution’ is the best choice.

After selecting one of the six, choose the category you're in and fill out your business name (or if you selected one of the other options, your brand or company name). The business option also asks for further location information. Keep in mind that your category and name cannot be changed once your page is created. So type wisely, otherwise you’ll have to delete the entire page and start anew.


Multiple languages:

Since Facebook has not (yet) developed multi-language support, we suggest you use the language that most of your viewers will understand. You can also create 2 cpampany pages and name them similar maybe like this "MyCompanyEN" and "MyComapnyCH" etc. Note that having multiple pages will be more time cosuming keep them updated. In moist cases one language and one page is better idea.

Naming your FB page:

Make sure to find a good easy to remember name. Chaning name after you get some visitors is not possible, FB does allow to change name one time and only of you have few likes/visitrs.

You should choose short, memorable username using just your company name.


2.2 Complete Basic Information

Upload Photo Facebook will now prompt you to upload the main photo for your page. This photo will appear as your icon every time you comment on a post or appear in news feeds. Ideally, it should be your company logo.

The actual dimensions of your profile picture is 180X180. This will shrink on your page to appear as 125X125.

About Section Next, you need to write your 'About' information. This small blurb will serve as the main 2-3 sentence description for your company. It will be on your main page, so make it descriptive but succinct.

Be sure to include a link to your company website as well. Also ensure that this information differentiates your brand, making your page even more appealing to potential followers.

About box - when you complete the information on your Info page, pay special attention to what you put in the ‘about’ field short description

Although you can write more, fewer than 75 characters of what you type into the ‘about’ field will show on your Wall view. It’s those characters that you need to make count both for SEO and for your fans, who see your Wall more often than any other page. For most companies the smart approach is to include your primary keyword/s and a link to your website.

Info page - the info page is another opportunity to include your keywords and important links. Depending on the type of page you registered, exactly what the fields you can complete on your Info page will vary.
If you have a field that just doesn’t match your company, just leave it blank. Info page fields with no content won’t show at all for your fans, so don’t worry about leaving irrelevant fields empty.
For all fields that are relevant, go ahead fill them out with your keywords in mind. Also include links to your key websites and profiles outside of Facebook as well as any particularly important page on those sites, such as:
  • your website
  • your blog 
  • the direct link to view your products or services page on your website
  • a link to your contact page
  • your twitter profile
  • your linkedin profile and so on.


2.3 Use Your Admin Panel

Your admin panel is the main hub for managing your business page. It's filled with various features and options to optimize your page and your monitoring of that page.

Edit Page The 'Edit Page' option in the upper right provides various options. The first option, 'Update Info,' allows you to update the basic information you provided earlier in the tutorial. This will also allow you to enter a description, which is an extended version of the 'About' information you entered earlier. Users only see the description by literally clicking 'About' on your business page, so you should feel comfortable sharing lengthier and more detailed information in your description.

You can also manage the roles of your page administrators. This allows you to invite various employees from your business to be administrators on your Facebook page in order to respond to comments or messages specific to their function, without giving them complete power over your page.

The other options under 'Edit Page' allow you to manage your notifications and add page permissions.

Build Audience Often, marketers get so excited they started a Facebook page that they invite users right away. But challenge yourself to think about a more strategic method for inviting users. First, you want your page filled with content. Then invite your brand advocates to start engaging with that content.

Once your page has some interactions, invite more fans and contacts, and they'll be more interested to like the page when they see the buzzing hub it is. From that point, it's at your discretion if you'd like to use Facebook's advertising tools to further promote the page.


2.4 Fill the Page With Content

Cover Photo

With the introduction of Timeline came the introduction of your best visual real estate on your business page: the cover photo. The exact dimensions of this cover photo are 851 x 315 pixels. Be sure to select a creative horizontal image that will appeal to users who land on your page. facebook cover photo dimensions

Custom Tabs

Facebook also allows you to have an endless amount of tabs on your page.

As you can see in the image above, you can only customize four of them -- meaning only four can appear on the page before the user has to click the arrow to see the rest. Think critically about what you want to appear in these four slots, whether it's events, photos, groups, etc.

Keep in mind that if you use third party applications, you should configure the tabs to be indexed on Facebook and not on the third party server.


When posting on your page, be sure to use a variety of content. What images would your audience like to see? What stats would they like to read? What links would they like to click? You can also click the little star to the upper right of any post to highlight it horizontally across your entire page. Not only will this make it look like you have a cover photo on your actual timeline of posts, but it will highlight the page as a milestone in your company history. Use this feature for product announcements, business anniversaries, and other major events pertinent to your brand.


While having a gorgeous Facebook page is awesome, you want to ensure you're monitoring how fans are interacting with it. To the upper right of your Admin panel, you'll see all the private messages users are sending to your page. Meanwhile, the upper left and center of the panel shows all the posts users are liking and commenting on. Be sure to respond to comments and messages as needed to ensure your fans know you not only care about them, but to avoid the detrimental impact of ignoring these folks.

In fact, according to Gartner, failure to respond via social channels can lead to up to a 15% increase in churn rate for existing customers.


2.5 Measure Your Efforts

At this point, you've built and shared a Facebook business page that accurately represents your business. Now you need to measure your efforts to ensure you're making valuable marketing decisions on Facebook.

Click on the 'View Insights' option to the bottom-center of your Admin panel. You'll be able to monitor reach, engagement, and the like in order to help you grow and adapt your Facebook marketing efforts around what's working and what's not.

And if you really want to spend time perfecting your Facebook content strategy, watch the brief tutorial on how to analyze exactly that (video below).

Done! You have a Facebook business page. Now go post interesting content and attract a loyal base of fans!


3. How to use it effectively.

"Content is king!"

First of all you need to have interesting content!

Second it need to be updated requently.

Content is all! Whitout new fresh and interesting content people wont be interested to visit your page. This apply to all internet pages, web sites, facebook pages and all other media.

Depending on what your business is you should add images of your products, services, quote happy customers, offer some interesting information, facts, share news articles that have something to do with your products and servicves etc. Do not present all this infromation at once, make short updates once week or so to keep your visitors comming back.


4. How to reach wider audience.

If you have your facebook page up and running, filled with some interesting content it's time to attract more visitors and get many likes!

You may ask why it's good to have many likes and many shares ? It's simple, every time you write some news on your Facebook page wall, everybody who likes your page wil be notyfied! This is a great way fr marketting, like a news mail but better. Than more likes you have tham more people will be reminded that you exist every time you have some news to annouce.


Basic steps are to link to your new Facebook business page from your web site. Add links on your business cards, on your email and letter signatures. Tell about it on your answearing machine. Invite your friends and customers to visit the new page. Ask them to like it and share it.

You can also create special offers, competitions and offer free gifts / merchandise to people who like and share your Facebook company page.

Facebook have also good ways to payed marketting. It's very easy and you can set up a budget you like to spend and target audince. It's not expensive and this way you can quickly get many likes and followers. You can market entire page or new posts on your wall. We can strongly recommend it!


This information was partially writen by Anum Hussain


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