Optimise your eCommerce Store

After you are set up and running on the EuroBizShop.com it is important to make sure that your ecommerce store is up to scratch.

Product Descriptions

Your product descriptions are the main source of information for your customers and could be the difference between conversion and abandonment. All content should be easy to read and should tell your customer everything they need to know about your product. For more tips on how to improve your product descriptions, head to the OpenCart Blog to view our '9 Tips for Perfect Product Descriptions'.

High Quality Images

It's true that a picture is worth a thousand words. Poor product photographs could make your business look unprofessional and your products appear to be low quality. Aim to take your product photographs in natural light with a plain background. Photographing related products together as a set (such as an outfit or a room layout) is a very effective way of cross-selling and showing customers how the product will look when being used.


Cross-selling is a great way to encourage your customers to purchase multiple products in one order. You can cross-sell using your product photography, as mentioned above, or you can include a related products section on each of your product pages. This makes it easy to show your customers products that they are likely to also enjoy and increases the chance of them buying multiple products or making a return visit to your store.

Store Design

It is vital that your store has a professional design in order to attract and retain customers. A high quality, modern design will place trust in your website and will encourage visitors to make a purchase. Your site navigation should be easy to follow so that customers can quickly find the products they are looking for and complete their purchase.'


With more and more people accessing ecommerce stores on smartphones and tablets, it is essential that your website looks perfect across all devices. The new default OpenCart 2.0 theme is a responsive design, making it easier than ever to create a user-friendly, professional ecommerce store. If you choose to install a new theme, it is important to select a design which is also responsive.


You are welcome to contact us at 01media if you need better images, new modern design for your web shop or convert your store to responsive mobile and tablet friendly layout!


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