Payments help

How to make payments to us.

Payment options

International bank transfer (TT) to our bank account

How to make payment

Please look on at the invoice you have received from us or logg-in to your account on our website to see your invoices. Payment information is avalible on the bottom left part on our invoices.

  1. Loggin in to your internet bank
  2. Find a menu choice for "International bank transfers" (or similar named). If you can't please refer to your banks help section or contact their customer service.
  3. Depending on your bank you may need to register first a new receiver. See the invoice for this information.
  4. Now choose to make new bank transfer / internationalpayment and proceed the instructions in your internet bank.
  5. Beneficiary name is 01media LLC
  6. Beneficiary country code is US (USA)
  7. Bank country code us HK (Hong Kong)
  8. You pay in the currency that is on your invoice.
  9. All other information can be found on your invoice.