Guide for email settings

Guide for email settings /


EUROBIZHOST.COM och EUROMAILS.NET is 01media's own secure email service (email server and web mail). We use latest standards and security, very frequent server patching and our email service is DMARC compliant (we use DKIM and SPF records in our DNS servers).


When using computers we strongly recommend to use our webmail:

Email client

Email clients are special email software / apps. When using tablet PC or smart phones we recommend [email protected] Mail Pro app. It's avalible both as free and payed version.
[email protected] Mail Pro is very user friendly and fast applicaton. It can handle multiple email accounts. Payed version can also handle multiple identities / signatures. 
Payed version of [email protected] Mail Pro app can be dowloaded here:
Free version of [email protected] Mail Pro app can be dowloaded here:

Email settings

This is a guide to the most important settings för email clients. This guide is based on [email protected] Mail Pro settings. Most other email clients use same or similar settings.
1. General settings
 - Account name: your email address
 - Your name: write your name and/or your company name
2. Folder synchronizing
 Incomming email server
 - User name: your email address
 - Password: your password for email
 - IMAP-Server:
 - Security type: SSL/TLS
 - Authentication type: PLAIN
 - Port: 993
 - Autodetect IMAP namespace ON
 - Use compression on network: all ON
3. Write email
 Outgoing email server
  - SMTP-Server:
  - Security type: STARTTLS
  - Port: 26
  - Require loggin: ON
  - Authentication type: AUTOMATIC
  - User name: your email address
  - Password: your password for email (same as above)

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