Corporate web hosting & email

Scalable web hosting, email services and fast support for demanding customers.

Why web hosting matters for your business?

  1. Security - Web hosting matters this year because your security is getting more difficult. Hackers are getting better. It’s not just the weak members of the herd who fall prey to them. Capabilities have progressed quite a bit. Now governments and organized groups penetrate servers with ease.
  2. Reliability - up-time and propper functioning affects you more than you may think, it can cost you lost customers, lost reputation and lost revenues
  3. Speed - fast web sites and web shops are important not only for customers satisfaction and getting more sales but also for SEO Ranking! Slow pages are penalized by Google and others.
  4. Support and help - in the unlikely when something happens your business need to get help fast!

Full service

We are full-service provider of hosting, applications, development, email, DNS and domain registration.



EuroBizHost - our own hosting service

Beacuase we offer our own, comprehensive web hosting solution for your business needs, we can take all responsibility and offer you fast help in case of emergency.

  • top-notch support
  • redundancy
  • fast, stable servers
  • latest security updates
  • anti virus controll on server level
  • anti spam and e-mail filtering features
  • backups
  • access to own hosting control panel
  • optimized for our web site and e-commerce solutions


Do you dislike that Google reads your emails, or that most major email service lets the big brother in without a legit reaon ? Do you prefer fast, reliable and secure email sevice?

We are independent service and don't collect and sell user data. Our customers privacy is of highest importnace for us.

Our email service updated to be compilant with latest industry standards DMARC. Our servers are continuously updated and patched for highest security and performance.


Our email works on all platforms and client software. Use it with Ms Widows, Windows Mobile, Apple OS, Android or Linux.

It includes also a nice webbmail. It allows you manage various email settings and offers an integrated addressbook and calendar.

Note that you can access all your emails whener you like from any internet connected PC, tablet or smart phone and any email client. No installations needed when using web mail.

  • Encryption - all communication between the server and your client uses SSL secure protocol
  • High security - we run our own independent servers, always secured and updated with latest patches.
  • Flexible - works with any clients and plattforms (IMAP/POP3)
  • Unlimited e-mail accounts
  • Unlimited e-mail aliases
  • Automatic email forward
  • Auto reply
  • E-mail filtering
  • You can change your own password
  • Anti virus
  • Anti spam
  • Backups
  • Webmail supporting multiple languages
  • Integrated calender
  • Adsress book
  • Possibility to integrate with other apps you use

EuroBizHost email - webmail screen shot - loggin

EuroBizHost email - webmail screen shot - email view EuroBizHost email - webmail screen shot - calendar

ISP Config hosting control panel


Standard web hosting service includes:

  1. Fast, reliable and secure Linux based server hosting (Servers located in Europe)
  2. Acess to hosting control panel
  3. 500Mb harddrive storage for web site and DB files
  4. 500Mb harddrive storage for emails
  5. Single Domain
  6. Secure connection (SSL)
  7. Backups
  8. Up to 3 MySQL databases

Other services and resources may be added on request.

NOTE: Our services do comply with the GDPR regulations in Europe.

Please read our policies before using our hosting servcies: