How do we work

Effective workflow

To be able to offer the best service for our customers we follow those simple steps for each project of creating a new web site or e-commerce / web shop:

Free preliminary design and ideas

We use to start with a free preliminary offer! You will receive from us some graphic design propositions and our other ideas for your new web site.


  1. Research - find out your particular needs, requests and tell about the possibilities and our ideas.
    - What are you trying to achieve with your website: supply information, sell products, advertise services or some combination of these goals?
    - Determine your target market. Research competitors and websites you admire. Define all the features you need to meet your objectives.
  2. Create an offer - graphic design, description of he service, features, prices.
  3. Offer approval - if needed we present revised offer, more design ideas until you are happy and ready to order.
  4. Draw rough project timeline - a guide to help us and the customer to stay productive and motivated.
  5. Collecting material - we collect all available information and material from the customer.


We start work with creation of your new web site using the information and material we agreed on.

Presentation and testing

It is very important that we together with you test and collect feedback from you to be able to fine adjust and correct anything we find.

Payment and launch

When are initial work is done we send you an invoice. You can continue work with the web site adding more content If needed. When you are ready we open and make the new site public.

Follow up

Our work is not done yet! After a while we will check back with your to collect feedback and discuss if there is anything to improved.


Our standards

All our projects includes:

  • Responsive design (adapts to different screen sizes on tablets and smart phones)
  • CMS for easy content updates
  • Dynamic web sites (database driven)
  • Modern open standard platform with limitless design and additional features
  • Initial user help
  • Hosting
  • One-on-one technical support

If you have any questions or requests please don't hesitate contact us! Welcome.