Search Engine Marketing and Branding

Drive more traffic to your web site, build your brand and reputation. Make it more accessible and easy to find on the internet!


Basic SEO and registration service:

SEO - search engine optimization and improving search results

  1. Preparing - check the competition, decide what key words and search phrases to use for your web site
  2. Search optymization - update content, titles, image tags, meta tags, key word tags on all pagesse
  3. Registrering - adding your web site and site maps to several search engines and web catalogs
  4. Continuous monitoring and improving serach results


Branding and building reputation:

Get good reputation on the internet and build your brand. Our team will continuously monitor, analyze and improve your records. We work for you using many cosila media channels:

Branding and building reputation on the internet


  1. Social media
  2. Price agents
  3. Bloggs
  4. Review websites
  5. Adding your new web pages to search engines and catalogs to speed up the indexing process of new content
  6. SEO re-checks and implementing improvements
  7. Help and advices for payed marketting on the web

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Why do you need SEO ?

SEO is search engine optimization techniques. Right now there is about 550 000 000 active web sites on the internet!Driva trafik till din sida via SEO sökmotoroptimering

Your web site is one of them... There is a lot of potencial clients for you out there but it is not easy for them to find your web site, products and servics.

An active SEO and internet marketting strategy plan is the best investment you can do for your business.